Lone Exception To Gay Marriage Ban in Texas

In 2005, Texas voter passed an amendment to ban gay marriage in the State. A district judge in Travis County made an exception today for a lesbian couple that has been together for 30 years. One was recently diagnosed with cancer which left them “uncertain” of their future.  They became the first gay marriage in Texas today and the state Supreme Court moved to ban any further marriages. LA Times story here

Local NBC affiliate interviews the couple

Tennessee Evangelical Church To Support Gay Marriage

GracePointe, an evangelical church in Franklin TN, announced that after years of discussion it would move forward in support of gay marriage. Pastor Stan Mitchell made the announcement at a Jan 11 sermon. The decision comes at a time when more churches are coming out in support of same sex unions. The fate of Tennessee’s gay marriage ban will come under review by the Supreme Court in June of this year. Read the Tennessean article here. See entire GracePointe sermon below.

American Rapper Mykki Blanco Arrested In Portugal “For Being Gay”

The incident occurred earlier this week in the Lisbon airport when Blanco got into a verbal altercation with an unhelpful police officer. The officer uttered a homophobic slur and from there things went south .  Blanco first stated on his Facebook page, “I’M being arrested in Portugal for being gay”. In his detailed description of the incident Blanco went on to say, “More than racism or even homophobia (which was also a factor) I realized that class matters and that an upwardly mobile black man isn’t something people always want to see”.  Read Blanco’s statement on Noisey


Gay Marriage Upheld In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania becomes the 19th state to allow same-sex partners to wed in the wake of Gov. Tom Corbett’s decision not to appeal Tuesday’s ruling to throw out the State’s gay marriage ban by Federal District Court Judge John E. Jones III. [www.stockpholio.com]-2528691365_4In Jones’ ruling he stated, “We are a better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history”. New York Times story here.

Eli Manning on Michael Sam, “He’d Be Welcome In The Giants Locker Room”

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning chimed in on NFL draft pick Michael Sam on Huffington Post Live, responding to the question of how would the GIants locker room have reacted if they had drafted Sam. manning Manning responded by saying, “We have a great locker room, and I think the most important thing … you’re drafted a football player. That’s all we care about in the locker room.” He went on to say, “I was excited for [Sam]. This is a gentleman who’s been through a lot … I’m wishing Michael all the best in having a successful career.”